Always offer quality services in health, relaxation and recreation to all our customers. Involving the prehispanic mores and traditions, characteristics of this region of the country. 


The NA-HÁ MAYA Spa began in 2003 as a dream of our founder César Augusto Acosta Solís. Coming from an area with a Maya past, he undertook the task of uniting pre-Hispanic and modern cultures by creating a product. A thematic spa in which our visitors at the same time that they relax are knowing and valuing our roots. The name Na-Há Maya comes from that language, which means "Mayan water house", this comes in conjunction with the meaning of the word spa, "health by water". Over the years, our organization has had a clearer desire to pamper and relax our visitors in a way that brings knowledge to their homes.

Temazcal NA-HÁ MAYA, Bahías de Huatulco Oaxaca, México 

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